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You Deserve a Break.

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Light shows, bud break and reassurance in the life cycle of the vine

We live in uncertain times. In recent years, natural disasters have ravaged us: earthquakes, wildfires, tornadoes and floods. Now we live with the global threat of COVID-19. So many have lost jobs, and many are losing their lives. In the empty streets, on a run, I felt so fortunate today to take in the natural beauty around me, and found reassurance in the life cycle of the vines. It is Spring, after all. Bud break is here, and these Carneros vines are showing the first signs of flower, tiny clusters on the vine.

Losing a job and losing a routine is incredibly hard. I have found solace in a daily run. It's a long run, one that takes me past a goat farm and so many old vines. I run, and it is hard. It hurts, almost always, until I get here, and I see these vines.

These times bring challenges and heartbreak. They also bring opportunity, and this is my opportunity to bring my experiences in wine to my community. These are uncertain times, but I am certain life goes on.

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